Death Stranding Director’s Cut Review

Reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on PlayStation 5.

“A long list of quality of life improvements certainly makes the PS5 Director’s Cut the most feature-rich and accessible version of Death Stranding. If you’re yet to experience its gorgeous vistas and general sci-fi weirdness and you’re not turned off at the thought of a 40-hour fetch quest, then this is the best way to enjoy its fiction with the least amount of friction. However, by giving us powerful new cargo-moving tools that allow us to forgo heavily burdened hikes in favour of walking the path of least resistance, it diminishes frustration at the cost of any sense of hard-earned gratification. This may be called a “Director’s Cut,” but I can’t help but feel that, for better or worse, the PS4 original perhaps more closely resembles the director’s vision.”

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